Getting things done.

Quite honestly, I have been debating which ‘get things done’ application to buy for my iPhone for far too long now. What can I say? I’ve tried a few freebies, paid for a couple of cheapies, and looked at lots more twists on the same theme, however none of the available applications quite fits the bill for me.

And therein lies the problem. Is it possible to cover every base when you’re creating your very own to-do app? No. That’s why some to-do apps are overly simplistic, and others overly elaborate or complex. That’s why there are dozens, if not more, ‘i-Farts’, and why I wish I’d come up with my own. App I mean, not spontaneous gas.

Everyone is different. Some people will prefer a simple list of to-dos they can add to and check off easily, whilst others will love due-dates, contexts and tags with limitless sorting, filtering and prioritising. Me, I’d kind of like something in the middle.

I’ll probably eventually decide to write my own ‘to-dos’ iPhone application. Now let me just make a note of that….


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