Years ago, someone used to come round the doors in our street selling tablet and macaroon bars. Tablet was great, but macaroon… well, it was just better in every way.

The interweb seems to be all aflutter with renewed rumours of the imminent launch of a certain Apple product at the moment. Not that I wouldn’t love to have one, I would. I just wish people would stop speculating on what it will be, and what it won’t.

The portable, touchable, stroke-able Mac of everyone’s dreams exists, somewhere in the R&D department, deep in the basement at Apple HQ – the 30″ iMac is down there, as is the 24″ MacBook Pro and the 50″ AppleTV. I only hope that the frantic ramblings of the Apple rumour mill bears fruit this time, or rather shares some tasty sugary sweetness with us….

Personally, I think the iPhone is awesome, but there’s definitely room in the household for a big brother. A larger screen would make surfing the web, viewing photos, watching movies and reading documents so much easier, and lets not forget about the increased potential for gaming, eBooks and enhanced iTunes content. All makes sense if you ask me.

Who needs a personal computer anyway? (well, I do, but that’s not up for discussion here and now). More and more ‘creation’ will be done on-line in future, using web-based applications that should cater for the day-to-day needs of the vast majority of computer users. I don’t think here in the UK our broadband service is up to it (yet), but we’ll soon be storing our everyday documents and files in the ‘cloud’. For now, Apple have the remote storage issue covered with AirDisk and Time Capsule anyway, so there’s no need for whatever they are working on to have expensive storage inside. I’d like to see it sport an SDHC slot for easy browsing (and importing) of photo and video media, and maybe it’s a wish too far, but hopefully, whatever emerges from the dungeons in Cupertino, it’ll come with a nice optional Apple stand/charging dock, and the ability to use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

A September announcement would be lovely, and under £600, even better. Anyone see that pig just now..? My money is on January 2010 and £899.

The personal computer of the future is the iMacaroon, so bring it on Apple – I can hardly wait!


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