To A Magic Mouse

I thought I’d pen my own thoughts on the arrival of Apple’s ‘Magic Mouse’….

When ye find that yer ball is all covered in fluff
and ye cannie scroll up or doon quite enough,
Or yer cursor is stickin’ and jumpin’ around
all over the desktop and cannie be found,
Upside doon twiddlin’ is needed, that’s all,
tae clean oot the gunk that’s chokin’ yer ball,
And as for that cursor wi a mind o’ its ain,
a nice patterned moosemat will fix all yer pain.

So forget all that’s “Magic” ’bout Apple’s new moose,
that Multi-touch marvel whits just been let loose,
Yer auld moose is mighty and still does the job,
so gie it a clean and save a few bob –
‘Cos the real magic Apple will be with us soon,
when January brings us the iMacaroon!

AAB 2009


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