Pre-release press release plea…

When Apple finally took the wraps off their long-awaited tablet back in January, his Steve-ness told us it would be available in 60-90 days. Then, just last weekend, Panasonic revealed their latest G-series cameras, announcing that they won’t be available to buy until June….. I just don’t get it. What’s wrong with “…and you can buy one, today!” – seems logical enough to me. It’s bad enough waiting for next day delivery once you’ve performed the “one-click” online shopping ritual…. having to wait 3 months? That’s just plain unfair.

Don’t get me wrong – I want an iPad. At least I know for sure that it exists and I’ll finally be able to buy one in “late April” (whatever that actually means), but unless I’m wrong, that’s verging on a 4-month wait, and is of course assuming that the rumors about supply shortages aren’t true. Which apparently they’re not. Oh, and I still don’t know exactly how much it will set me back in good old fashioned Pounds Sterling, although it’s a safe bet it’ll be more expensive here in the UK than in the States. Remind me why I want one again..? Oh yes, it lets me hold the internet in my hand. Hang on while I just put my iPhone down for a second.

I’ve also been looking for a new micro-four-thirds camera to replace my old Canon DSLR outfit. Since it takes me long enough to come to a decision on such matters, you’d think I’d be quite happy with a shipping delay. I’m sorry Panasonic, but I’m definitely not waiting until June for a G2, nice though it is. I’ll just buy a GH1 now. Oh, wait – I see what you did there. Very clever.

‘Pre-relase’ press releases please no-one, certainly not us consumers who are supposed to buy these shiny (and not-so-shiny) new products – when the announcement is for 9.7″ of pure awesome-ness, you’ve just got to have one there and then, and when it’s, shall we say a little bit disappointing, you’ll wish you hadn’t bothered waiting for it in the first place!

So today, whilst I wait for my GH1 to arrive and notification of iPad pre-order eligibility, I’m very proud to announce my own product – Tartan iPaint. Featuring a new, innovative and technically advanced formula that’s been in development for the past 12 years, Tartan iPaint is completely odourless, and dries faster than any other product on the market. Available in the glossiest of gloss, and matt-est of matt finishes, Tartan iPaint will also be available in a premium ‘super-silk’ finish from select trade partners. Tartan iPaint comes supplied in a revolutionary container milled from a single block of magnesium, which is 50% lighter than existing containers, yet with more than double the capacity per can, and both professionals and consumers alike will love the included iApplicator which gives 1.4x more efficient coverage than using a traditional roller.

Tartan iPaint will be available in convenient 2.5L and 5L pots from September 2019 (prices to be confirmed).


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