FCPX: Join the revolution

There can be no doubt that the launch of Final Cut Pro X has rattled a few cages, and there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding it. Yes, there are some missing features, and the completely new user interface may well throw a few people – at least until they realise that all the tools they’re used to using are still there – but the application has been built from the ground up to be faster, more powerful and with cutting edge features and a new way of working that looks set to revolutionise editing as we know it!

Final Cut Pro X is an exciting launch, and to celebrate the release I’ve decided to design a T-shirt which I hope you fellow revolutionaries might like to buy! There are two versions now available via my redbubble portfolio – a mono version, and a full colour version.

As with the majority of my other T-shirt designs, these two designs are available in a variety of different fabric colours and styles (v-necks, long sleeves, hoodies etc..). Click the links below to take you directly to the redbubble pages to order yours today 🙂

Click to view, configure and buy the MONO design
Click to view, configure and buy the COLOUR design

For those of you who aren’t fans of Apple’s revolutionary new software (yet), I created a special design especially for you!!

** Don’t forget if you do buy one of these T-shirts, please send me a photo so I can feature it on my Quirky, Geeky, Designer Tees page on Facebook **


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