Sir Charlie Findlay

It was great catching up with family members that I hadn’t seen for ages at my Dad’s wedding recently, especially Uncle Charlie and Rose who had made the trip up to Scone all the way from Northumberland. It was Charlie’s 90th Birthday a few years ago, and my cousin Graeme – an accomplished violinist and fiddler extraordinaire – had composed a few tunes to commemorate Charlie’s special day, and I arranged, produced and recorded the tracks so they could be presented to him on CD as a birthday gift.

I had forgotten how good Graeme’s Scottish Waltz Sir Charlie Findlay was until I heard it played for the bride and grooms first dance – which incidentally also happened to be the first time I’d heard my own playing and arrangements through a PA system in 11 years. It wasn’t played at the wedding, but the second tune Graeme composed for Uncle Charlie – a Scottish Reel, Four Score and Ten – was also another cracker, and hopefully he will compose a few more so we can put together a full CD’s worth…. if you’re reading this Graeme, I’m sure the tourists would lap it up!

So in a slight deviation from my normal blog posts, I wanted to share both tunes here so they would be easy for family and friends alike to grab a copy for their iPods. For it to have been such a big part of my life for so long, it’s perhaps odd that music hasn’t featured so far in this blog. Perhaps I should re-dress that balance, after all these tunes were ‘Cooked with Apples’ too, as I recorded and mastered them with nothing more than my trusty MacBook Pro….. Enjoy!

Click here to download the MP3 of ‘Sir Charlie Findlay’
Click here to download the MP3 of ‘Four Score and Ten’


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