Get ready for Mac OS X Lion in style!

Lion looks set to roar onto our desktops any day now, and what better time could there possibly be for me to create some new “geek-wear” to coincide with this, the next major release of Mac OS X! So, if you’re impatiently refreshing the Mac App Store looking for signs of the next big cat finally being let loose, why not take a break and check out my latest T-shirt designs instead…

So here they are – my Lion Tees! Click the view & buy link for each design to review in greater detail and for further information about the style and colour options available.

Versionsview & buy

Mac OS X Lion "Versions" T-Shirt

Ten Dot Sevenview & buy

Mac OX Lion "Ten Dot Seven" T-shirt

Uncagedview & buy

Mac OS X Lion "Uncaged" T-ShirtLion Tamerview & buy

Mac OS X Lion "Tamer" T-ShirtUnravelledview & buy

Mac OS X Lion "Unravelled" T-ShirtAirDrop Zoneview & buy

Mac OS X Lion "AirDrop" T-ShirtAs with all my other T-shirt designs available via redbubble, note that these new creations are available in a variety of styles (e.g. long sleeves, v-necks, hoodies) and colours.

Now what are you waiting for? Go and get ready for Lion in style! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my Quirky, Geeky, Designer Tees page on Facebook and become a fan to keep up to date with news of my latest designs.


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