Clockwork Invention iPhone Case

I’ve been meaning to create a case in this style for quite some time, and only got around to it recently. As with the vast majority of my case designs, I started preparing the artwork in Illustrator, experimenting with the layout of different cogs and wheels. One of my aims with this design was that I wanted to suggest the presence of an Apple logo somehow within the clockwork mechanism – including the logo would infringe copyright and I most certainly didn’t want to do that!

I solved my self-inflicted creative challenge by placing the various elements of my imaginary clockwork mechanism in just the right place, incorporating some curvaceous cutouts in the plating that keeps the cogs in place, and inventing a die-cut rotor in the shape of an eye for the crucial ‘leaf’ part. Once happy with the arrangement of the elements I composited everything in Photoshop, which is where all the texturing and shading was added to achieve my signature illustrative, yet pseudo-photorealistic look.

Happy with the clockwork mechanism, I turned my attention to the rest of the design. In my mind’s eye, the mechanism was to be viewed through a porthole window in a copper outer casing – part submarine, part steampunk, part Wallace and Gromit… Once again I started by laying the elements out in Illustrator, making sure that the strapping wasn’t quite straight, and the rivets were very precisely placed in a random fashion – the wacky clockwork invention being depicted in my design was to look hand finished, not constructed with machine-like precision after all!

Texture and shading were once again completed in Photoshop using multiple layers and brush work to ensure an interesting and believable result. With highlight layers added to create the illusion of the bulbous glass window, the artwork was complete. As Wallace might say, I think this design turned out “smashing”… I hope you like it!

Click here to view and purchase this case for iPhone or iPod via redbubble

As an added bonus, I’ve also created iPhone wallpaper for this design too, featuring an enlarged clockwork mechanism and copper shelves for all your apps! Click on the thumbnail image on the left to download the .png file for your iPhone.


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