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Hi, I’m Alisdair
I’m 41 years old, married with 2 children, 1 iMac and several iDevices

I live in the shadows of the Ochil Hills in Central Scotland, and by day I am the Principle Creative at a local Events company. This multi-disciplinary role involves all manner of production, from 3D visualisation to presentations and video production. I am fortunate that I have the best hardware and software at my disposal, and get to work with some really great people.

Over the years I’ve worked on some very exciting projects, refining my creative and technical skills along the way. Whilst I would never claim to be an expert, I now have significant knowledge and experience of working with Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, Keynote, Aperture and FilemakerPro to name but a few – and I hope that I never stop learning and always have opportunities to showcase my creative talents.

Sad though it may be, by hobbies mainly mirror my work – Macs, Music, Photography, Design, Multimedia and Technology. As a keen amateur photographer I enjoy taking and making pictures – you can see lots of my photographs on flickr, and some of my very favourite images are available to buy as postcards, prints and canvases through redbubble. You might also notice the quirky, geeky t-shirt designs in my redbubble portfolio, and my equally quirky and fun iPhone and Smartphone cases!

I trained as a Classical Pianist from a young age, studied Jazz Piano at the RSAMD, can strum a six string, bang a drum and bow a fiddle, but I set my musical life to the side many years ago. I decided that 2012 would be the year I starting playing the piano again, and whilst the fingers are a bit rusty to get around the Chopin and Liszt from the old Classical repertoire, I am enjoying being with my ‘old friend’ again.

In early 2012 I stepped on stage for the first time in over 15 years having been asked to stand in with a jazz ensemble at a charity event – I’ve never felt so out my comfort zone and yet right at home at the same time! Since then I’ve had further fun sessions with the same 7-piece, and more recently a new trio. It’s refreshing to flex my jazz muscles again, and who knows, I might even end up playing some more gigs, and writing some new material.

Since the end of 2010 when I decided I needed to change my lifestyle I’ve discovered a newfound love of walking, cycling and played the odd round of golf – it’s good to take time away from the Mac every now and again! I started cyclo-commuting in the Summer of 2011, and the 28.5 mile round trip saw me notch up over 4,500 miles in the first year. I try to get out for a long cycle at weekends when family commitments allow, and hope to take part in some Sportives next year and bag my first century. Stay tuned!

Small changes have seen me succeed in not only losing 6 stone and 10″ round my middle, but maintain the “new me”. Cycling every day no doubt helps, but I feel much better physically and mentally being 66% the man I used to be, and although I won’t deny starting out was tough, I made change happen. If you’re feeling you spend too many hours sat in front of the computer screen, know that you can make change happen too if you are determined and put your mind to it.

Cooking with Apples is my personal blog that I set up as a place to post my thoughts, opinions and occasional rants about all things Apple, living with technology, gadgets and being me! It’s also a platform for me to share advice, hints and tips that I’ve found helpful, as well as some creative recipes of my own and artwork for you to cook at home.

Thanks for dropping by – I hope that you find the blog useful, informative and fun. Please do visit again soon, when hopefully I’ll have had time to post an update 🙂


Sometimes, you just need to say what's on your mind. Here's what's on mine.

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