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Scrabble Inspired CS Icon Set

free scrabble inspired icons

I hope that now you’ve read my earlier post about making your own icons you’ve all been busy creating your own icon sets and spring cleaning your docks? By way of a follow up, I thought I’d post a little something I made earlier which you can download and use yourself. Best of all, it’s completely free!* Continue reading Scrabble Inspired CS Icon Set


Give your dock a spring clean

Stack icons
I decided it was high time I shared something creative, and with Spring in the air I thought this little tip for tidying up all those pesky dock icons seemed appropriate. So, if you use software suites like iLife, iWork or Final Cut Studio on your Mac and like the sound of spring-cleaning your bloated dock with some CS-inspired icon stacks, then read on! Continue reading Give your dock a spring clean

Thunderbolt – greater than the sum of its parts?

I find it hard to believe that anyone interested in all things technological could have missed the announcement of Thunderbolt – the new high-speed, dual-protocol I/O developed by Intel and brought to market by Apple in their latest range of MacBook Pro portables. If you thought a thunderbolt was merely a meteorological phenomenon, you can read all about this new super-fast data transfer technology straight from the horses mouth here – alternatively, if you’d like to hear my thoughts on what it means for Mac users like you and I, do read on… Continue reading Thunderbolt – greater than the sum of its parts?

There’s an App (Store) for that…

Appstore image

It’s less than a week into the New Year and Apple has served up a tasty software update bringing the much anticipated ‘App Store’ to the Mac desktop, heralding 2011 as a year that will shake up the software industry. OK, so perhaps that’s what Apple hopes it will do, but it’s already clear that the App Store is good news for software consumers and has the potential to be lucrative for software developers too. Continue reading There’s an App (Store) for that…

Black magic

“You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford would have been proud, except of course that’s not actually what Mr Jobs said – he promised black and white. Seems reasonable enough. Previous iPhone models had been available in both shades of mono, and lets not forget the “perfect harmony” that Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney sang about – wherever there’s ebony, ivory shouldn’t be too far away.

Not everything in life is black and white however, but when it comes to the iPhone 4, I think it most definitely is – we will never see a white iPhone 4. There you are, in black and white. Or perhaps not. Although there are no official explanations as far as I can tell for the latest delay until next Spring (!), previously Apple had stated that the white iPhone was being delayed as it was “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. So what’s up? Continue reading Black magic

Take Two

You may have gathered by now that I’m no stranger to the world of Apple. In my working day, I’m fortunate enough to be able to switch between a MacBook Pro, which comfortably handles pretty much everything I throw at it, and a fully-loaded 8-core Mac Pro workhorse, for when the editing and graphics production gets a bit more serious. At home, I’ve used iMacs in my studio for some years now, with my first all-in-one being the beautifully designed ‘angle-poise’ G4 iMac, while currently I’m using last years 24″ Intel model, which does what it says on the tin, and does it very well. Continue reading Take Two

Back to the Mac: Part II

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you were impressed by Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event yesterday, or if you were excited about the prospect of making your own Hollywood-style movie trailers in a couple of clicks, or perhaps even disappointed that Lion’s won’t be lounging on your desktop until next Summer, because there can be absolutely, positively no disputing that 20.10.2010 was a significant day. Continue reading Back to the Mac: Part II

Poisoned Apples

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who should have waited until the fall?

Well, me of course (and over here it’s “Autumn” by the way – but that doesn’t rhyme with “wall” now does it?).

Naturally, I am referring to the fact that at the beginning of the year, I upgraded my iMac. I had needed a new machine for some time, and had decided to wait until after Apple’s traditional January announcements, fully expecting an upgrade to the slick all-in-one that would include quad-core processors and LED displays. When that didn’t happen, I had to bite the bullet and went for a top-of-the-line 24″-er with 4Gb RAM and a massive hard drive.

Continue reading Poisoned Apples


Years ago, someone used to come round the doors in our street selling tablet and macaroon bars. Tablet was great, but macaroon… well, it was just better in every way.

The interweb seems to be all aflutter with renewed rumours of the imminent launch of a certain Apple product at the moment. Not that I wouldn’t love to have one, I would. I just wish people would stop speculating on what it will be, and what it won’t.

Continue reading iMacaroon.