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Review: iGrand Piano for iPad

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt either the need or desire to purchase an iOS App, and I can count on one hand those Apps that I was willing to pay more than a few pounds for. Then I spotted IK Multimedia had released iGrand Piano for iPad – in their words “The Concert-Quality Piano App for iPad” with the promise of a Gallery of World-Class Pianos, Literally at Your Fingertips. Sounds almost too good to be true…  Continue reading Review: iGrand Piano for iPad


I is for Independence: cutting the cord

It won’t be available until the Autumn, but yesterday Apple previewed some exciting new features in the forthcoming iOS update that I for one can’t wait to get loaded onto my iPhone 4. There are apparently over 200 new features in iOS5 which will no doubt enhance productivity and efficiency, but for me there are a couple of changes that really will drastically improve the user experience on all iOS devices. Continue reading I is for Independence: cutting the cord

iCloud: what happens when it rains?

We’ve been using so called “cloud storage” for quite some time now – sharing photos on flickr, documents on our iDisks and all manner of files in our dropboxes. We’ve also been able to surf and work online using our iDevices for years, but now we’re starting to see devices such as Google’s Chromebook which let you do regular computing tasks online without the need for a regular computer. Sounds good, but are we ready to move the desktop online, and does Apple have something similar up its sleeve for iCloud and next-generation iOS devices? Continue reading iCloud: what happens when it rains?

There’s an App (Store) for that…

Appstore image

It’s less than a week into the New Year and Apple has served up a tasty software update bringing the much anticipated ‘App Store’ to the Mac desktop, heralding 2011 as a year that will shake up the software industry. OK, so perhaps that’s what Apple hopes it will do, but it’s already clear that the App Store is good news for software consumers and has the potential to be lucrative for software developers too. Continue reading There’s an App (Store) for that…

Take Two

You may have gathered by now that I’m no stranger to the world of Apple. In my working day, I’m fortunate enough to be able to switch between a MacBook Pro, which comfortably handles pretty much everything I throw at it, and a fully-loaded 8-core Mac Pro workhorse, for when the editing and graphics production gets a bit more serious. At home, I’ve used iMacs in my studio for some years now, with my first all-in-one being the beautifully designed ‘angle-poise’ G4 iMac, while currently I’m using last years 24″ Intel model, which does what it says on the tin, and does it very well. Continue reading Take Two