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My Vintage Bicycle Repair Kit iPhone Cases

Over the past year, I’ve turned into somewhat of a cycling enthusiast – I now commute the 14 miles each way to my ‘day job’ and try to get out for a long run at the weekends whenever possible. It was only a matter of time before I created some quirky iPhone case designs that might appeal to fellow cyclists, and was inspired to create the artwork for these two vintage puncture repair kits. Continue reading My Vintage Bicycle Repair Kit iPhone Cases


My Walkman iPhone Case

My Sony Walkman style iPhone Case

**UPDATED** I have a hard time making decisions at the best of times, so when it came to ordering one of my quirky iPhone cases for myself, it took me a while to figure out exactly which one to choose! Of course, given that I’ll be showing it off to as many people as I can, and wanted to take some promotional photographs of it, the pressure was on, but I think I made the right decision.

Continue reading My Walkman iPhone Case

Apple Christmas T-Shirts!

Some people might think it’s too early, but when it comes to Christmas I reckon you can never be too prepared! Not only have I just added a new Apple T-shirts page to this blog (you saw it in the menu bar above, right?), but I’ve also created some new Apple-inspired slogan T-shirts that I think would make the perfect gift. Whether you really are buying your loved one an iPhone or an iPad this year or not, you could have fun with one of these tees. Oh, and they’re not just for Christmas either… if you check them out you’ll see there’s a birthday option too 🙂

I is for Independence: cutting the cord

It won’t be available until the Autumn, but yesterday Apple previewed some exciting new features in the forthcoming iOS update that I for one can’t wait to get loaded onto my iPhone 4. There are apparently over 200 new features in iOS5 which will no doubt enhance productivity and efficiency, but for me there are a couple of changes that really will drastically improve the user experience on all iOS devices. Continue reading I is for Independence: cutting the cord

Black magic

“You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford would have been proud, except of course that’s not actually what Mr Jobs said – he promised black and white. Seems reasonable enough. Previous iPhone models had been available in both shades of mono, and lets not forget the “perfect harmony” that Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney sang about – wherever there’s ebony, ivory shouldn’t be too far away.

Not everything in life is black and white however, but when it comes to the iPhone 4, I think it most definitely is – we will never see a white iPhone 4. There you are, in black and white. Or perhaps not. Although there are no official explanations as far as I can tell for the latest delay until next Spring (!), previously Apple had stated that the white iPhone was being delayed as it was “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. So what’s up? Continue reading Black magic